About the show

Badugi All-Stars is a poker podcast started in 2011.  Hosted by three part time poker players, the podcast is a mixture of poker news; strategy discussion; interviews with poker players, coaches, and authors; and more tangents than an algebra textbook.  Recurring segments include Hugging The Rail, a look at the poker rooms of Las Vegas, and Mitch’s Minute, a sixty second editorial about one  particular topic.

A new episode of Badugi All-Stars is released every other Monday.

About Tecmo

My name is Tom Hamlett (or TecmoSuperBowl to the poker community) and I live just outside of Annapolis, Maryland.  I have a full-time career, play poker part-time, rescue/foster pit bulls, and enjoy rock climbing, among other sports. Dessert is yet another passion, along with my hatred for lettuce, Comcast, and baseball. In addition, I started www.buyintogiving.org. It’s a site dedicated to involving the poker community in charity. The first charity chosen is Kiva.org, a micro-lending site that helps people around the world.

About Nixon

I am Bryce Kujala, and I am a software engineer at a San Francisco bay area startup.  In addition to poker, I enjoy playing board games, reading, riding my bike, listening to music, and learning to play the banjo. Sometimes I dream of a second poker boom that includes an international Triple Draw craze. To clear up a common misconception, I did not select the name NixonTheGrouch based on a love of Richard Nixon; I picked it because VanBurenSnuffaluffagus didn’t fix in the box when I signed up for Full Tilt Poker.

About 2four

Hey, I’m Jordan Ray. I’m a semi professional poker player and 6m/HU coach at Deucescracked.com. I live in Denver, CO and enjoy the the finer things in life: scotch, wine, leather-bound books, Starcraft 2, argyle socks, cooking elegant dinners, you get the idea… I really love all kinds of games: video games, board games, card games, Hunger Games, drinking games, outdoor games, and anything that involves some sort of strategy. I weaseled my way onto this podcast through subtle peer pressure and pretending that I was a part of it until it actually happened. My favorite color is green.