Jaguar, The Grouch, and Deuces Cracked coach SiQ discuss the state of sit n go tournaments, arming yourself for live poker, Merge reopening to US players, and the Poker Hall of Fame.

Jaguar, The Grouch, and professional radio guest The Juice talk about Steve Jobs, Full Tilt Poker, self high fives, and why the entire state of Texas is off limits.

Jaguar, Tecmo, and Nixon talk about, A Christmas Story, Pam Brunson, chicken bones, Steak-umms, Super Mario Bros 2, and which of these items are in Jaguar’s closet.

Nixon and guest host 2fouroffsuit talk about playing on Merge, the latest Full Tilt Poker news, and who really owns the podcast. Guest delcrossb discusses teaching math, playing Portal 2 with Tecmo, and his withdrawals from online poker.

Nixon goes solo to tell a Comcast bad beat story, discuss his PLO results, and talk about the most recent Full Tilt Poker announcement. Jaime Staples chats about his recent tournament success and the structure of the Canadian educational system.