Episode 32: I Swim When I Need To – Guest: Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell

2four talks softball and poker. Tecmo argues in favor of the Olympics and asks for advice. Nixon argues against the Olympics and discusses recent concerts. TJ reviews the Wynn poker room and shares a recent hand. Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell, director of the documentary UltimateBeat: Too Much To Lose, discusses his research into the UltimateBet/Absolute Poker scandal, the movie, and his Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project.

For more on Scott and his film, visit his website or donate to the Kickstarter campaign.

2 Responses to Episode 32: I Swim When I Need To – Guest: Scott “ElevenGrover” Bell

  1. Until then, i praise blizzard. I think they made as often right moves with regard to WoW. I can enjoy WoW NOW the actual graphics are beautiful, stylistic, yet simple and offered to everyone. Plus, they continue to peace of mind and refine their game with more content. Not many companies can claim to achieve this.

  2. Yeah, Diablo 3 was awful. If it wasn’t in the same setting as the others, you couldn’t tell we now have of the franchise. It was a travesty. Blizzard took something superb and destroyed it. I guess there motto is “If is actually broken, break it. “

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